Taste the  Experience

                                                    is a

special events baking company

that takes the textual concept

of any story or experience and

transforms it into a

customized culinary creation,

allowing you to

Taste the Experience.


Got an event coming up?  

Tell me your story & I’ll make it sweet. 

Margot White

                                    Founder & Creator



                                      is also quickly becoming known as

The Broadway Baker / Show Chef, as we are also often contracted

to create the edible props for productions.

These award winning shows have included Joe Mantello's 'Boys in the Band', 'Waverley Gallery' at The Golden, and Taylor Mac's 'GARY', starring Nathan Lane

Strawberry Angel Babies

Homemade Angel Food Cake Shells filled with a

Whipped Strawberry Mousse filling and topped with Coconut Chip "Angel Wings"

Baptism celebration party for a four month old baby girl

Whoopie Burgers

Vanilla Whoopie Pies with toasted honeyed sesame seeds, filled with

Nutella buttercream "burgers", shredded coconut "lettuce" & strawberry jam "ketchup" 

Battle of the Burger Bash Fundraiser for

Crash Landing Productions

Hi! My name's Margot & I'm the

founder and creator of

offering the only line of concessions that provides event goers in any arena

with an original “text-to-taste-buds” experience.

I customize each tasty treat based on text from any writing,

or concepts from any event,

and transform them

into a unique treat for a more enhanced, immersive experience

that keeps you connected to, and engaged with the story

from beginning to end.

As a professional actor with a life long love of Shakespeare,

a favorite quote in As You Like It suggests, “Sweet are the uses of adversity…” encouraging us to essentially find

good in everything.  


I got to thinking. 


One of the things I enjoy most about my craft is telling the story;

finding connections. What if I could also find a way to connect the story

with my other life long love – baking.  What if I could find a way

to make adverse stories sweet; to find the good in everything.


And thus, Sweets of Adversity was born.

Everything you see and taste in a

Sweets of Adversity confection

will keep you inspired, enlightened,

and remind you that there is

no limit to your imagination.

As Hamlet reminds Horatio, there are more things in Heaven and Earth

than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

So come enjoy endless opportunities with these creative concessions and

Taste the Experience.

Hole in the

Black Forest Cake

Traditional Chocolate/Cherry Black Forest Bundt Cake filled

with a light whipped filling, surrounded by chocolate bark & topped with rose florets 

First Preview for Broadway's Farinelli & the King, 

at the Belasco Theatre

"We're going to live in a forest... I want to cut a hole in the forest so I can hear the stars."  ~King Philippe 

"And at my feet, a carpet of flowers... Thousands of roses (the audience had thrown)." 

~Farinelli & Queen Isabella

Cocoa Puff Sweater Cake

Cocoa Puff Cereal Chocolate Cake filled with a Whipped Twix Caramel Mousse Filling, topped with Cable Piped Cooked Buttercream

100th Performance for Ballyturk, 

at St. Ann's Warehouse