Margot White

                                    Founder & Creator 


                                    is a

special events baking company

that takes the textual concept

of any story or experience and

transforms it into a

customized culinary creation,

allowing you to

Taste the Experience.

                                      is also quickly becoming known as

The Broadway Baker / Show Chef, as we are often contracted to create the edible props for productions both

On & Off-Broadway. 

Got an event coming up?

Tell me your Story and I'll Make it Sweet

Taste the Experience

Hello & Welcome!

Strawberry Angel Babies

Homemade Angel Food Cake Shells filled with a

Whipped Strawberry Mousse filling and topped with Coconut Chip "Angel Wings"

Baptism celebration party for a four month old baby girl

Whoopie Burgers

Vanilla Whoopie Pies with toasted honeyed sesame seeds, filled with

Nutella buttercream "burgers", shredded coconut "lettuce" & strawberry jam "ketchup" 

Battle of the Burger Bash Fundraiser for

Crash Landing Productions

Hole in the

Black Forest Cake

Traditional Chocolate/Cherry Black Forest Bundt Cake filled

with a light whipped filling, surrounded by chocolate bark & topped with rose florets 

First Preview for Broadway's Farinelli & the King, 

at the Belasco Theatre

"We're going to live in a forest... I want to cut a hole in the forest so I can hear the stars."  ~King Philippe 

"And at my feet, a carpet of flowers... Thousands of roses (the audience had thrown)." 

~Farinelli & Queen Isabella

Cocoa Puff Sweater Cake

Cocoa Puff Cereal Chocolate Cake filled with a Whipped Twix Caramel Mousse Filling, topped with Cable Piped Cooked Buttercream

100th Performance for Ballyturk, 

at St. Ann's Warehouse